Working with the Gene Keys

Healing yourself, loving the world

The Gene Keys are for you

Working with the Gene Keys is a mystical, energetic evolution and expansion that is timeless and can’t be rushed.  The process points to valuing myself, seeing my gifts, allowing my unique genius to express itself, and inspiring others to do the same for themselves.  As we do this work, we support the world in its evolution and expansion as well.

One of the underlying themes of both my work and my spiritual foundation is that there is value in everything, even the stuff we don’t like, *and* everything is evolving. Gene Keys is a rich resource that completely aligns with this perspective.

Working with the Gene Keys

Over the past months, I’ve been posting on my personal and professional Facebook pages reflections and contemplations on the Gene Keys.  I’ve gotten some questions about what they are and how to proceed, so here’s a bit of information.

Get the books!

Richard Rudd is the creator and author of Gene Keys although the information he shares is timeless and universal going back to the I Ching.   He has a book of the same name that is a marvelous reference book.  I highly recommend the book. I have it in paperback and on Kindle so I can reference it easily. It’s sold through Amazon.

Ways to work

There are many ways to work with the material, and he’s quite careful not to be prescriptive.  His site was recently redesigned; here’s the page for newcomers.

The three ways I work with the material are:

  1. Work with my unique profile. Your profile is generated for free on his site here:
  2. Work with the Golden Pathway based on my profile.  The pathway is a paid program offered in three parts at very reasonable prices.  I’ve spent years on the golden pathway and still haven’t gotten to the third part.  😉
  3. Work with the current gene key that’s transited by the Sun.  You can look at the just now chart on Jovian Archive and find the sun’s position.    In the example below, you can see the sun is in the 27th Gene Key.  The sun spends about five days in each key, so I have several days to read and contemplate that particular Gene Key.

Sun position for Gene Keys


It’s personal, and it’s archetypal

The Gene Keys is an exploration of 64 expressions of human potential.  We each carry a unique combination of these gene keys (found in your profile) and the 64 expressions are timeless, collective, and universal. It’s personal work, and it also explains world conditions.   It’s always interesting when expressions of the current Gene Key show up in my Facebook feed, the news, and conversations.  The collective themes are quite powerful.

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