The Journey

Healing yourself, loving the world

Is this you

Everybody is unique, but perhaps these resonate with you.

You do well in the outside world, but inside your heart, you feel like you're not like most people. You feel and see things more deeply. You know you’re here to do something important, but something's getting in the way. Your heart needs some care and love.

You have already done a lot of personal work but still face some issues in your life. There's a sense of unease and struggle in an area of your life that you just can’t fix on your own.

You have experienced a singular upsetting event, severe in fact, where your emotional and physical well-being were threatened.  The event is over but you're still suffering from stress and unease. You want to feel better but nothing feels like it will help.

You want to be a better parent but you keep repeating old patterns.

You're making a big life change, like divorce or new job, and it feels scary. You know tending to the emotional and energetic side of you will help you make this work for you better than you imagine.

How this works

So, you're hurting

Something has happened, past or present and you're hurting inside. You’ve tried ignoring how you feel, maybe toughing it out, and trying to get things done. Or perhaps you’ve talked with friends, journaled, and tried other self-care tools trying to find relief, but there’s just too much simmering under the surface

The reason

The reason you don’t feel better yet is because of two dynamics that reinforce each other. One dynamic is that intense, uncomfortable, unbudging feelings are stuck in your body’s energy system. Yep, it’s not something to just tough out and muscle through. Without understanding this body-based connection with feelings, it hurts too much to move forward. The second dynamic is that when you’re hurting, your perspective naturally narrows. Unable to see the way forward leads to more intensity. You can see the reinforcing cycle.

The healing philosophy

There are three principles that really work when combined together.

You can relieve intense feelings thoroughly, effectively, and quickly with the right tools.

Using recently developed energy-psychology tools, you can work with your feelings in a way that addresses the body-based component of intense feelings. With these methods, you can often feel immediate relief from the turmoil. Now, this work takes time as there are intertwined layers, but you no longer have to feel stuck for months before feeling better.

You transform when you include all your parts and experiences rather than reject them.

When something is too intense for you to address it, you ignore it and find other ways to cope.  This is a life-saving coping strategy when you were younger with fewer resources on hand, but eventually, the wounded part of you calls out to be seen. When you wall off part of yourself that was hurt, you also walled off part of your life force energy and essence. Think of what the body does when it gets a cut: it creates a scab to temporarily protect the injured area. Once healing has happened underneath the scab, the protective scab is no longer needed. Often the current emotional intensity you are experiencing is tied to past unhealed wounds. This is actually good news because it means you now have the internal fortitude to do the healing. But it takes skill to unravel what’s happening while knowing the underlying intent is always your healing and wholeness.

Compassionate respect and understanding of your unique journey, both seen and unseen.

Your life experience is unique, guiding you to become more of yourself. And at the same time, there are models of development and uniqueness that help inform and guide your journey. Who you are at the core wants to grow and express itself. Understanding the bigger picture and what’s happening underneath the surface eases the way.  Sometimes emotional bumps along the way shake out the deadwood and let the true you show up more vibrantly. Other times, you face something devastating that changes everything. You never deserve anything bad that happens to you, but your value is never in doubt.

You can see the connection.

And you can see the connection. With tools that help you authentically find relief with your intense feelings, you address the hard stuff rather than bury it. As you heal the hurt parts of yourself, your heart feels lighter, you feel more relaxed in your body, you trust yourself more, and you feel like yourself for the very first time. It’s all rather wonderful!  And it’s relatively new for most of us.

In a client's words

Here is what a very dear client shared when I asked for her input on what she appreciates about our work together. Judy is a smart, caring person with a strong sense of discernment, insight and life experience. Her words touch me dearly, and also paint a picture of what I bring to my work with clients.

I've had the opportunity to work with Deborah over several years, with both EFT and Human Design. Right from the start, I noticed and appreciated her willingness and ability to meet me where I am. That, for me, was a trust builder. She weaves her wisdom into each session seamlessly, serving me and my needs. She is always professional and competent, and I can always feel she cares. She has a lightness and sense of humor that lifts me up during times that are more challenging for me. I always feel that she wants the best for me, and the work together always helps me. I appreciate the work we did and recommend her highly.



Next Steps

If you see yourself in what I’ve described, I invite you to one, two, or three of the next steps.

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