Tapping scripts do work

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Tapping scripts do work if you know how to use them

After Gary Craig came out of retirement, I read on his emofree.com site that he didn’t think tapping scripts were helpful.   There has been a proliferation of videos, books, articles, and scripts and I do understand his concern and definitely respect his experience and expertise.   Given that I have have written and shared many tapping scripts over the years, most notably in my book on Family Energetics, I definitely took pause and explored the value and proper use of tapping scripts.

However, a recent personal experience where I powerfully benefited from using tapping scripts has me firmly claiming their value, if you know how to use them.

What words do I use

A tapping script is when the words are provided in a predetermined format for your tapping.  Somebody writes or records what you are supposed to say while tapping on an issue.

If you are a student of EFT, you can identify why that might be an issue.  EFT is supposed to be specific to your situation and uses your own words. The question around scripts is will it help you get to the heart of the matter or will it leave you still at a high intensity?  I’ve listened to online summits and demonstrations and am disappointed when I hear a superficial use of EFT without ever getting the SUDS down to a 0 or 1.   For me, flowerly, non-specific language is rarely helpful.

In a recent online tapping program where I followed tapping videos with preset words,  I achieved some good results. Food cravings changed.  My exercise dramatically increased.  I lost weight. I was quite impressed with the program and also was aware of how I was using the tapping scripts to my advantage.  So here’s what I discovered ….

Tapping scripts are helpful when ….

They offer specific language related to your issue that you might not have thought of.   For example,  exploring different aspects of an issue can include exploring all five senses.   I didn’t think to explore the sound of the food packaging in my tapping. Or the color of the box.  Those two elements proved to be key for me to changing some responses to trigger foods.

They are based on experience.  Often tapping scripts come from someone doing their own work or working with clients.  In the program I was using, the creators have lots of experience in the area of weight management. It was clear in their videos that they had explored many of these aspects with other clients.     Likewise, when I record my podcasts or write a post, I am working with the energy that shows up for me or is a theme with clients.  Good tapping scripts are based on experience.

You tailor them.  When I tap along with someone else, whether recorded or in person, I am quick to change the words. I have a very finely tuned sense of words, which ones fit for me and which ones don’t. I am not capable of saying something not aligned with me … so I’m a huge fan of modifying the script to fit yourself.

Tapping scripts are unhelpful when …

They are vague.

You make yourself follow the wording even though it doesn’t feel right.

There’s no room to tailor it for yourself.

Yep, I’m clear

Tapping scripts can provide a structure for our tapping, help us get started, and help us explore unknown aspects if we track our SUDS, if we tailor our words, and if we stay persistent.


The program I mentioned is from Dr Peta Stapleton. Info found here.

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