How To Tap

Healing yourself, loving the world

Tapping is a gentle, effective self-help tool that helps us feel better by balancing energy in the body.  The tapping procedure has four parts.

  1. Name it
  2. Set-up phrase
  3. Rounds
  4. Reassess

Name It

Specifically, gently name and describe the issue you are working on.  Rate the intensity from 0 to 10.

Set-Up Phrase

With the fingertips of one hand, tap on the side-of-the-hand points while saying “Even though I have this issue, I deeply and completely accept myself.”


Using your fingertips of one hand, tap on these specific eight points sequentially. Say a short reminder phrase for each point. A written description of the points and a diagram follows below.

Eyebrow | Side of the eye | Under the eye | Nose | Chin | Collarbone | Under the arm | Top of the head


Reassess your intensity.  Repeat the whole sequence as needed.

Side-of-the-Hand Points

Rounds Points

For An Audio Description of the Points

The Points Described

The eyebrow point is located at the beginning of either eyebrow near the bridge of the nose on the orbital bone.

The side-of-the-eye point is found by following the eyebrow around to its end, near the outside of either eye, on the bone, in front of the temple.

The under-the-eye point is on the orbital bone still, directly underneath the pupil.

The nose point is under the nose, on the “mustache” area.

The chin point is between the lower lip and the chin, in the crease below the lip.

The collarbone point is just below the collarbone, one inch down and to the right or left of the notch in the throat.

The under-the-arm point is about four inches below the armpit, along the side of the body, along the imaginary bra line.

The top-of-the-head point is on the crown of the head.

See the points

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"I just had to write to say thanks after our first appointment. I have been trying EFT on my own, but with your guidance, I made a huge breakthrough– in just one hour! You have a knack for knowing the right words to say and it helped that I felt immediately at ease with you. I really appreciate your EFT skills. Thank you for helping me!" —  Ann in Maryland