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#312 Finding your timing

The energy to start things #312

Finding your timing and the energy to start things in a way works for you.

#311 unease and enjoyment

What you do and don’t enjoy #311

A tapping to appreciate what you’re good at and a tapping for what’s not working for you

#310 Ten tips for getting started tapping

Ten tips to get started tapping #310

Ten tips for working with tapping in a way that suits you.


Appreciating yourself #309

A lovely tapping on appreciating yourself and your journey through the eyes of the Enneagram.


I know I’m right #308

Finding mental flexibility and clarity

#307 we are all good

We are all good #307

We all have good that wants to express itself.

# 306 I can't believe I did that

I can’t believe I did that #306

Our mistakes can be painful but illluminating.

I'm okay

I’m okay, or am I? #305

I’m okay, do I believe it or not?

Grin and bear it#304

Grin and bear it #304

Tapping for things we hate doing but do anyways

conflicted & choices

Feeling conflicted #303

Tapping for feeling conflicted about a decision

getting help tapping image of two butterflies

Getting help tapping #302

Safety and results while tapping

tapping for injuries purple hummingbird in flowers

Ouch, that hurts #301

Relief and guidance for when we get injured

From overwhelm to compassion #245 waterfall and greenery

Overwhelm to compassion #245

There’s love in our overwhelm, use tapping to find it.

I release my parents - mountain in sun

I release my parents #244

I release my parents and tend to my heart. The anger ends.

tapping is awesome #243 stunning photo of roses and other flowers in reds and purple

Tapping is awesome #243

Three examples of using tapping for your self-care routine.

two horses it gets easier

It gets easier #242

The hardest part is over and tapping for parts we still reject.

shining your light poppies in sunlight field

Shining your light #241

We each shine a heart signal to the world. How connected do you feel to yours?

looking off a cliff

I lost my confidence #240

Tap along as we explore when your self-confidence takes a hit and you “outsource your self-esteem”.

river canyon tapping for the big stuff and small

The big stuff and small #239

Tapping is a powerful tool for both large traumatic events and small events. Tapping works with the nervous system to help us feel better in our body. As the body feelings change, the memories fade, and the thoughts change.

the courage to tap #238

The courage to tap #238

It takes a lot of courage to be doing this work. I see and honor your desire to feel better and to make a difference and help others. Reasons we don’t tap There are very good reasons why we might be reluctant to tap. We don’t know that it works. We don’t to be alone in … Read more The courage to tap #238

misty white delicate flowers like tears

“I cry easily.” #237

Do you think you’re weak or broken if you cry too easily?  Join me in this delightful, illuminating, and personal tapping exploration and discover the truth behind your tears …. Four beautiful rounds on aspects for anyone who thinks they cry too easily. Photo by Al Soot

red and gold ornaments shining against the night sky

Sharing your purpose #236

What’s your relationship with your sense of purpose? A very gentle tapping on shining brightly as yourself. A body scan and tapping on any body tension as you think of your purpose in the world. The healing principle that you have an innate desire to grow and expand. Photo by Anton Scherbakov


Intuition on your side #235

You are guided by a loving and powerful intuition that’s on your side. How much do you trust that you have access to intuition that is on your side?  Your inner guidance is here for your well-being. Tapping for: Being in relationship with your intuition When something bad happened and your “intuition failed you” The elements of … Read more Intuition on your side #235

holly with red berries

Feeling less holiday stress #234

Treat yourself to ten minutes of feeling better with some tapping on holiday stress and our to-do lists.  The pressure to get things done is tied to the root center in Human Design. Photo by Annie Spratt

colorful suitcases stacked up high

What are you carrying? #233

A gentle exploration and tapping around the parts and experiences we reject in ourselves and the positive reason we judge ourselves. Includes several rounds of guided tapping. I mention five healing principles but only touch on one. You transform when you include all your parts and experiences, rather than reject them. You have a healthy, … Read more What are you carrying? #233

stone arches repeating

Easing holiday traditions #232

Do you ever feel the conflict at the holiday times with part of you wanting to belong and part of you wanting to be yourself?  We can end up feeling burdened by our holiday traditions rather than nourished.  With this tapping podcast, you might find yourself taking a lighter touch with your holiday traditions. What are … Read more Easing holiday traditions #232

pebbles on a seashore

Your creative energy #231

Making space for our inward, creative energy. Here is a chance to notice more: Is your energy going outward or coming inward? Is your energy about yourself or is it about the group? Is the world demanding outward energy when you’re in an inward cycle? Our energy can be affected by how the type of … Read more Your creative energy #231

November 4

Who’s your fractal? #230

This past week, you might have noticed some recurring patterns showing up in your relationships. In Human Design and Gene Keys, they talk about the concept of fractals in our relationships. So, who’s the arch-enemy in your story?  Who are your allies? Join me in tapping and exploring what is your heart giving, what do … Read more Who’s your fractal? #230

Tapping for Issues with Our Animals

Surrogate tapping #229

In this podcast, Heather Carter, EFT practitioner from England, works with me using the three-part model of surrogate tapping as taught by Gwyneth Moss.  This conversation and tapping is a good model of several things: The guidance of a skilled practitioner can bring insights and shifts with ease. Surrogate tapping sometimes is more about the … Read more Surrogate tapping #229

grove of tall trees

What just happened? #228

Unease and group interactions (thanks to the 50th archetype) Did you notice this past week that you had increased sensitivity to group interactions? You might have had some interactions where you felt aligned, included, and at home with the group you were with. Or did you, like me, have a bunch of different interactions whether … Read more What just happened? #228


I’m pissed off, I’m right #227

I’m pissed off, I know I’m right; I don’t want to tap. Tapping doesn’t change who we are and our core values. Our thoughts can change when we tap. The liver point is an excellent point to tap on! I feel very strongly that ___________________. Thank you, Heather Carter, from the EFT Guild for the reminder … Read more I’m pissed off, I’m right #227

I don't know what to do

I don’t know what to do! #226

Feeling frustrated and like you’re spinning your wheels?!?  Join in for some relief using the fast and effective tool of tapping.  Move from “not knowing what to do” to a sense of calm and allowing. Photo by Andre Hunter

majestic elephant crossing in front of sunset

Fear blocks our knowing #225

What gets in the way of our intuition?  We have access to an immediate knowing of what’s healthy which is very different than fearing the future.  Three things block our intuition: Overthinking Unresolved trauma from the past affects our ability to be present now Intense emotions in the moment Three rounds of tapping and a few ruminations … Read more Fear blocks our knowing #225

blue and purple ropes

Intuition and opinions #224

Join in tapping on a few ideas around: Untangling our intuition and our opinions How were you supported in your teenage formative years as a mental-being? We don’t need words to justify our intuition. My mind cannot keep me safe. Strong opinions are tied to strong emotions. Photo by David Clode

september 30

The feeling of fear #223

A few rounds of tapping on this past week’s events, whether personal or collective. Tension in the body Tension in the throat Tension in the back Feeling fear, feeling unsafe

green valley with river at the bottom

Christmases alone #222

We have the chance to do some deep work this past week and the few upcoming weeks.  I invite you to tap along with me as you look at what felt unfair from your life as a child. We are making the shift from dividing up resources to realizing we are connected. We are all connected and we … Read more Christmases alone #222

stormy sky, grassy field

When we’re very upset #221

In this podcast, I’m tapping on something that has me so upset, I don’t want to talk about it. I show how to tap gently on the edges of the issue and then how to continue gently on the single aspects or words that have all the intensity. I move through crying while tapping to … Read more When we’re very upset #221

bright light signalling in a field

Don’t distort yourself #220

What community “gravitational” forcefields are pulling you in? Join me in three rounds of tapping on: Feeling centered in my body, the tenseness of the back, the tenderness of the heart. Feeling supported for who I am Letting the brilliance of who I am shine out like a strong radio signal We don’t need to distort … Read more Don’t distort yourself #220

mirrored stairs

When we say yes #219

Join me for a few rounds of tapping on the 59th archetype. The energy of being available to the other and opening our hearts, but first we must say yes. As kids, we didn’t get to say yes and no. From the 59th Archetype: This is meant to teach us that it is through perseverance … Read more When we say yes #219

highway into the mountains

Saying yes, saying no #218

A few rounds of tapping on how it feels to say yes and how it feels to say no. Which is easier, and what if all we want is to connect? A bunch of loud trucks decided to pass by while I was recording.  I edited some noise out, but there’s still some in the … Read more Saying yes, saying no #218