Healing yourself, loving the world

You’re feisty-spirited and tender-hearted

And generally a go-getter who knows how to handle things. But something has happened in your life that's thrown you for a loop. 

Your heart feels heavy, both literally and figuratively. Your usual self-care tools aren’t working as there’s just too much simmering under the surface.

You feel stuck, emotionally and energetically.  You want to feel better, and you can.

You can authentically feel better, inside and out, in ways that honor who you are and your unique contribution to the world around you.

Out of the Shadows

It used to be that difficult emotions and challenging events were feared, buried, or ignored. You hid parts of yourself in the shadows, functioning in the outside world, but slowly dying on the inside.

Not anymore. Now you can authentically feel better, inside and out, in ways that honor who you are and your unique contribution to the world around you.

How it works

I give you tools that address the underlying cause of challenging feelings and memories as well as compassionate guidance and insights that honor your journey and essence, bringing you to a sense of easy in the body and self-acceptance in the heart.

You and I work one on one to address the parts of you that feel emotionally broken and hurt. We address challenging events current and past. Patterns from childhood are addressed and shifted. Once you feel calmer in your body and are no longer hurting emotionally, we look at your unique energetic make-up and develop strategies and understandings that serve you as you move forward. As the trauma and hurt heal, wisdom and compassion shine through more clearly.

"You have been a soul confidant, a deeply intuitive listener and guide, and a long needed and sought after facilitator of healing for my once battered and wounded soul. I have had for years a deep voiceless, wordless prayer – a deep aching need to bring unity to the fragments of my soul. And that prayer began to be answered when I stumbled upon a video about EFT and then found your EFT videos and website."

Yael, Israel

Deborah Donndelinger Site Icon

"I have always experienced Deborah as a compassionate helper who has an almost uncanny ability to see deeply into and support the best version of me.

She guides intuitively and brings a phenomenal skill-set from her own deep investigations and experience of life and the healing arts. She is someone with great integrity and a strong drive to empower others."

Marian May

Deborah Donndelinger

Why trust me?

Well, I’ve walked my own journey through raw, ripping heartache and pain to a sense of wholeness and compassion. Growing up with some challenging personal events and a deep sensitivity and intuition, I was simply overwhelmed by the chaos around me and shut down. I've done the work myself and understand a hurting heart and a sense of doubt.

Since 2006, I've helped others in their journeys toward self-acceptance using the tools of tapping and adding on family constellations, human design, and other models of self-insight.

I'm graced with a compassionate intuition, wisdom, and the ability to see you, love you, and value you, no matter where you are in your healing journey.

Short and sweet tapping audios each week for being yourself and making a difference.

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